June 23, 2011


Good day/Bad day?: not bad

The last couple of days have been so-so--yesterday was a full-day training (woo!) for work, followed by dinner out with the hubby (thanks Julie!). Today, work, work, followed by home time while Ben was out & about, with help from Myra to entertain Olive. Ben & I sat down with day care this AM and talked through the cast time--they are fine with it all, feel well-prepared because they had an older kid in one a year or 2 ago. They're good folks. She'll stay with her same group of buddies most of the time, too.

I had a weird moment in that training yesterday. Something the speaker was talking about triggered a flashback of sorts for me, and I could feel some of the sensations I had while I received chemo--that weird, chemical nausea feeling. Hope I don't have too many of those...

One week of mobility left. She's making the most of it, nonstop. Want to think of a place to take her for swimming time before she can't.

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Jim said...

Lapham elementary a block from us has a pool and used to have open public times. Check it out--super warm water!