May 10, 2011


Good day/Bad day?: mostly good

Kinda worn out today from the get-go, but made it through a 3-hr class first thing in the morning. Then it was all downhill--hooray for naps! But this evening, Dianna came to hang out with Olive while Ben & I went out. Good Laotian dinner, piece of cheesecake from the Blue Plate, walked by the lake a little, and Tom Waits sang us home. Can't complain about that.

And now for the complaining! My skin is going straight to horrible with the radiation. It's starting to peel and open up under my armpits, the skin is swollen and almost black under there, can't comfortably put my arm down... This sucks. Going to have to grit my teeth to get through the rest of this.


Joiner of Fine Furniture said...

What happened to the post that is gone now?

Ben said...

The Blogger site had technical problems.