May 28, 2011

Thinking ahead

Good day/Bad day?: pretty good

Okay, so catching up. Thursday was busy, busy work day, then Friday was day off. It was pretty nice--took Olive to day care, came home and went back to sleep for a little while, massage (thanks again Jeanette!), lunch, householdey stuff, then Olive pickup and hanging out until grandma arrived. Ben's out of town until tomorrow, little motorcycle gang outing for 2 nights camping. Thank you to Kathy for coming to help out!

Today Kathy let me sleep in (:)) and we went up to the farmer's market for a while. I got to walk around getting what I needed while she entertained Olive. She got a red balloon and it was a big hit! She went over to great-grandma's for dinner while Julie & I went to a movie & dinner. Very nice. Feeling better every day, still getting the fatigue but not as sudden and profound. Skin is MUCH better. The body is an amazing thing, and easy to take for granted.

Olive's surgery is booked for June 23rd. I don't know what to do with that right now--trying to think ahead but there are so many details we won't be able to figure out until we see exactly what position she'll be casted in. Can't buy a lot of clothes ahead of time, hard to think about toys/things that will entertain her, how to get her around...Now we try to figure out how much time to take off and stay home with her, all that fun stuff.

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