May 20, 2011


Good day/Bad day?: pretty good

Restless night for Olive = restless night for us! She still has an ear infection, and possibly hand-foot-mouth...but it'll all clear up shortly. And tonight she is as pooped as she can get.

I had the day off, so after the morning with her and a doctor trip and groceries, I got a nap in. Then it was off to the park to meet the work team for a picnic. Thanks, guys! It was nice to get all our families together, and I certainly appreciate a toast in my honor. I wasn't as eloquent in my words for you as I would have liked... A nice starter celebration! And Olive was outside A LOT today, so cross your fingers for a sleepy night after a good bath.

I am amazed at how much better my skin is getting already--the last 5 treatments were just on my scar, so the rest of my chest is coming around. Still ugly, but not uhhhhhg-ahh-leeee.

Tomorrow Julie is around while Ben & Joel make homemade sausage, and then Jeff & Andrea come to eat it (& help out)! That will be nice. Time to get to bed.

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