May 23, 2011

Happy Tired

Good day/Bad day?: okay

Loowww energy. It was a busy weekend! Nice weather, so we had a lot of outside time. Lots of good people around Saturday, with Julie taking Olive duty for a long time, the Dittmars, a quick stop by Ben's grandma, Jeff & Andrea for an overnight stay, and the guys over to enjoy the fire. And a meat-a-palooza, with Joel & Ben cooking up their homemade sausages (OMG, as the kids say)! Sunday was hanging out with Jeff & Andrea (who had a multiple-playground outing with Olive). Then more & more and more outside time, including my first time weeding in a long time. It felt good at the time, but... sore today, and my hand and arm swelled up pretty noticeably. Don't get ahead of yourself, Jenny!

It's just so tempting to try to jump back into life! But I've got to temper my own expectations. I say I will to other people, but then I don't listen to myself. I've even said to some people that I have in mind that this recovery will be like the pregnancy-weight advice: it takes 9 months to put it on, so expect to take just as long to take it off. That would mean I have almost a year of recovery time ahead of me. Patience...

Tomorrow is a little fragmented--some work when I can get it in, OT in the morning (it's been a while, and now I've backslid with the edema and range of motion during radiation), then Olive's big ortho appt in the afternoon. We'll see what comes of that. Hopefully a game plan. Oh, good news! Our day care would take her in the cast and keep her at the same rate! I did not expect that...

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