May 3, 2011

Extra crispy

Good day/Bad day?: okay

Very disjointed last few days, so I'm having a hard time knowing that it's Tuesday. Not that it matters. I was at a conference, and it actually started with a half day Sunday so my week's thrown off. Nothing exotic, just in the Dells for an Alzheimer's conference. I kinda love conferences--free pens and stuff, brochures you'll never read, looking forward to mediocre snack breaks--it sounds sarcastic, but I actually do like it! There was some good info, too. Today was partially starting to get a little sort of back into work for a short while. Tomorrow will be better.

I've had a couple more of those profound fatigue spells. Not every day, maybe every other. Last week was the halfway point for radiation! Getting there. It will be done none too soon--I don't know how much more my skin can take.

Sorry, it's a bad cell phone pic with shiny skin (very close up--Ben's hesitant to have me post my scars for public access). But as you can see, there's a clear difference from the pale R side and the L swath that's angry red. Clothing is starting to get very uncomfortable, and I'm going to try a gel dressing over it tonight to sleep, crossing my fingers that it will work.

This is why I justified buying 2 new pairs of shoes in the last week.

For those waiting to know more about the Olive details, her appt with the ortho surgeon isn't until the 24th. So we wait...


Sue said...

yowtch! shoe therapy is good. thanks for update on Olive too

Elevation said...

what's my excuse, then? i bought 2 new pairs of shoes this weekend too! ;) did you use the gel dressing, and did it help any? xoxo

Sonja said...

Yes, I also bought shoes to show my support for you. I'm even prepared to purchase new jewelry - that's how much I believe in you Jen!