May 7, 2011


Good day/Bad day?: Good

Welcome to the world, Ivy! And happy birthday to her mama, too!

Had a busy last couple of days--Thurs was supposed to be a day off but worked half, then massage (thanks Jeanette!), and Friday was a full day, too. I very much need a nap to recover in the late afternoon/early eve. And my chest is about the color of raw beef right now, in a nice swath from my armpit to the bottom of my ribcage (and feels about as good as you'd expect, i.e. not). But whatever. I was feeling very pensive Thurs, but since I didn't write it down then, some of my grand thoughts are lost.

Big yay to Sue, who came to help out today and gave me the opportunity for a 3-hr nap and a trip to Target. I got to save some energy for tonight, hanging out with my sis. We had deliciousness at the Underground Kitchen, and then saw Jonathan Richman perform--totally joyful, silly show. He should be my own personal troubadour. Good stuff.

Happy almost-Mother's Day! More thoughts on that tomorrow. Good night.

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