May 15, 2011

Weekend help

Good day/Bad day?: Good, though I started out crappy

Yay, wonderful weekend helpers! Sue came to hang out with Olive yesterday, Jon came to mow this AM, and Myra & Maureen entertained Olive for the afternoon and took her to see great-grandma! Thank you all--Ben & I got some good stuff done, I got to rest. The only time it's been easy to ask people to help around the house was when I was post-surgical and could hardly move my arms, so thanks for doing the chores I asked for...

That kinda makes up for the fact that I want to rip my chest off. Itchy, hot, peely, sore. Thursday can't come fast enough. And then what? Well, we'll take it one step at a time. I'd like to get excited and celebrate and all that, but I also need to heal up. I think a number of small celebrations will be what's in order.

Olive's going to sleep like a log tonight, knock wood. Busy weekend for her. What's exciting for her? She does a pretty good elephant noise sometimes, and she tried Italian parsley from the garden and loved it. And rocks are pretty cool.

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