November 10, 2010

That's better

Good day/bad day?: Pretty good

Better for sure than the last couple of days. Made it through the full day at work and actually did a little work while I was there! Less woozy until right about the last hour or so tonight. It was still nice to have Julie around while Ben got out for a while--we had some good sisterly conversation.

Now the dog's broken. Hey--that's my job, Punkin'! Something's wrong with her, let's hope it's not major...

I've been getting another round of complements on my head shape, which is weird but nice. Also a couple more comments that I look tall. It's really interesting to me how much I've shed caring what I look like. Vanity is kind of flying out the window. Quite honestly, that's not what I would have expected of myself--I am part Leo and have always been somewhat vain, and I thought that might get amplified in a situation like this. Oh well, you let go of having control over a lot of things in this process.


ee said...

You will always be beautiful...I don't care what happens. I hope Punkin's ok. You certainly don't need something else on your plate to deal with.

Joiner of Fine Furniture said...

If Punkin needs her bearings replaced I am the one for the job..!!

As to your head shape you are on your own. Contemplating head shapes is really weird, IMHO.