November 19, 2010

Just can't be normal

Good day/Bad day?: thumbs down

Well, the good news is that I didn't get my fun dose of chemo today. "Why?" you may ask. A couple of reasons. I'm neutropenic again. And my port site is infected. Great. So the current plan is that I got a dose of IV antibiotics today and will take another antibiotic for a week to hopefully make the port site better. They aren't talking about taking it out yet, so we'll see where it's at next Fri.

I got poked 4 separate times today! (3 blood draws, 1 IV) I also got hives from the IV med.

Oh, hey, and it's Friday, so that must mean that Olive has a fever! Yep, just got the call from day care, so here we are with another week where I'm neutropenic and she's got some bug going around. We're pretty good at this:)

Okay, I'm done venting now. I just need my body to get its act together.


Sue said...


JOB - you will get there


Anonymous said...

As a good friend of mine always said..."You can't make this shit up!"

If you need to have space from your darling little germ factory there is a space on my couch with your name on it...

Kathy said...

And Olive the wonderful has been peacefully sleeping since 9 after making sure that everything at our house is still exactly where it belongs--skeleton still dances; the clock still chimes; there are still toys and books and MANGO.

What a twisted day after all the anticipation of post chemo yuk. This weekend is all about you, Jenny...heal and build. Take 2 movies and 6 mad lunges in each direction under the watchful eye of WII fitness.

Hang in there....