November 5, 2010

Game on

Good day/Bad day?: Good so far

Very early chemo day (7AM arrival for labs) and actually got done in a timely manner. My white blood cell counts are back--with a vengeance! My counts shot up for the week without chemo, way, way up, so it's back to the routine again. I was hoping for a dose change after the last few weeks' events, but they consider each a separate episode and are keeping my doses the same right now. My job is to keep on top of the nausea and try to keep my appetite up.

I was convinced that I ate so much this week that I might have regained a pound or 2, but no gain yet. But at least I feel less emaciated, even if it's just in my head. Gotta keep up the protein and calorie intake...

So I'm back home waiting for the green to set in. I've packed Olive's things for the weekend, so now just waiting for her and Ben to get home a little later. Don't really know what the weekend will bring or how I'll feel, but we'll have a little freedom to go with the flow if I'm up for something.

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Kathy said...

Let's hear it for the white blood cells!!! So glad to hear that's back in order. I'm sure it was difficult today to submit yourself for more chemical input. Seems a bit mean that's how it has to go; the patient has to take herself to the hospital and consciously position herself to accept the thing that causes the bad feelings, etc. At least when you cheerfully do Olive's nose saline or other meds/procedures, you know her nose or the rest of her body will feel better so the good attitude you convey to her is justified. Still, Jenny, I've never seen a child who is so upbeat about getting her necessary meds...keep applying those great skills you've used with her to yourself, reminding yourself of how important your preventative chemo is for your future.

We are so looking forward to Olive area arranged in family room, her clown mobile parked in the kitchen, bath toys ready in a bucket and bedroom toy box opened; awesome toddler food plans. You and Ben, ENJOY your weekend without her--I know you'll be wishing for her by Sunday afternoon.

Nausea, nausea, fly away;
Energy, energy, come to stay.