November 13, 2010

Old Dog

Good day/Bad day?: Good

We got not very good news for Punkin'. She's got severe osteoarthritis in her lower back in hips that's causing inflammation and starting to put pressure on her spinal cord. At some point she will likely have some paralysis. We're starting a comfort med regimen and trying to rest her more for the next weeks, but this will be progressive and we'll eventually have to make sure she's not suffering. Poor doggy!

Otherwise, had a good, productive day of cleaning and running around--thanks, Kathy, for Olive time! I'm feeling pretty good, trying to take advantage of this "week off" chemo until Friday. I'll try to keep the appetite up and put on some weight, too--still haven't made any headway on that. Tomorrow I've decided I need breakfast with a good bloody mary.

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Monika said...

Oh, Punkin. So sorry to hear this news. She's a great dog and it sounds like you're doing everything you can for her right now. Who knows? Her condition may progress slowly and you will be able to put off the hard choices for a good long while. Fingers crossed! Hope your breakfast and bloody are magnificent!!