November 12, 2010

The New Plan

Here's Olive's other Halloween costume--the one they handmade in day care (like a little pumpkin sandwich board).
Enjoy! And Ben's pretty cute, too. They both look like trouble.

So far a good day...

Just to keep you up to speed, we had our pow-wow with the oncologist this AM. With the total chemo plan, with or without the clinical trial, there are kind of 2 phases: the first phase is 2 drugs (AC) given together, and the second is Taxol. So each phase has its own number of rounds of treatments. With the change to the clinical trial, which I will still be participating in, the AC phase is changing and the Taxol is planned to be the same. I will have one AC treatment left to get my total dose of that in (next week), then 6 treatments of Taxol. The Taxol is supposed to be the "easier" part of this chemo regimen. Because my AC dose next week will be bigger than I had been getting, I will likely feel worse for more days (like until the Wed or Thurs the week after). Overall, I should be finishing a little earlier, like Feb instead of March (I'll get the official calendar next week). So that's the latest--got it all?

In a little while we take Punkin' in to find out how broken she is--hope for something easy to fix!

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Sue said...

hopin' it's better than expected and hopin' Punkin's feeling better too - I like that dog!