November 24, 2010

No focus

Good day/Bad day?: okay

I went in to work for a while and was semi-productive, and then I stopped thinking well and went home. I may not be back for a week--we'll see how things go.

Thanksgiving tomorrow! I want stuffing and sweet potatoes! I just hope I don't feel worse--right now mild cold symptoms and no fever. Everyone else is getting sick--Ben's mom has a fever, so we may not see them tomorrow, lots of people at work and their kids are sick, all the kids at day care...

I will tell you what I'm thankful for tomorrow. You'll just have to guess.

1 comment:

KateB said...

I am wishing you all the stuffing and sweet potatoes your tummy can hold! I hope you avoid the fever and have a wonderfully relaxing T-day with the people you love.