November 8, 2010


Good day/Bad day?: Meh.

I made it through the day at work until about 3:30 and then started feeling pretty woozy. It was good to be back, but I'm realizing how hard it can be to work intermittently--you wind up starting things and handing them off, not being able to finish what you start.

Overall, I'm just realizing how tenuous I feel in my own body. These last few weeks have made me not trust that if I feel good part of the day, I'll keep feeling good. It's hard to plan even part of the same day, much less the next day. I don't like it--I have too many months of this ahead of me...

Olive is not sure about this whole daylight savings thing. She's definitely an hour off. She was not cut out for staying up 'til her usual bedtime--that'll work as long as she keeps sleeping in the AM, too!

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