October 1, 2010

Round #6 (of 15, and then 8 more!)

Good day/Bad day?: Eh

Chemo first thing in the AM. Thanks to Julie--she & Ben have been my chemo buddies every week so far. Not because it's traumatic and they have to wheel me out, but it's nice to have someone around during the waits--BORING! They even got rid of the art cart. Just when I was going to make everyone magnets... I just wound up feeling more heavy-headed right after this treatment than the last rounds. Quiet day since.

Getting used to the head, and Olive & Ben weren't afraid of me, so that's good. Thanks for all the nice feedback on it! I wore a hat to chemo to start because there was a chill in the AM, but then I went without/bald and really don't care that much. I've said to other people, I'm amazed that almost all people wear their wigs to chemo--it seems the one place where it shouldn't matter. But everyone has their line in the sand, don't they? Not sure what mine is yet.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to be your chemo buddy some day...