October 15, 2010

#8= halfway-ish (plus bonus random thoughts!)

Good day/Bad day?: well, chemo day

Today was AC treatment #8 of 16 (then I have another 6 cycles of another drug after that), but time is flying! Except waiting room time--thanks again to Julie for being this week's chemo buddy.

Yesterday was just a full, busy day. Acupuncture in the AM, which I felt changes after the same day--yay!--then a busy afternoon of work trying to get things in place before next week. I was going to tell you something Olive was doing, but now I forgot...

My port scar is still a concern to monitor--no worse, but no better. But at least I'm not facing having to take it out unless it gets infected. One of the many nuisances of this whole experience so far. Some day I'll list them, maybe.

One thing that strikes me as I go to chemo each week is seeing all of the people that need to be wheeled in & out of chemo. I can't help but wonder if I'm ever going to be at that point while I'm going through this--I can hope to avoid the major hits, but I am taking in chemicals daily and winter is coming. It's a little unsettling, even if I am young and otherwise healthy.

Somebody told me the other day that my bald head makes me look taller. It must be an optical illusion akin to the idea of wearing nude-colored high heels to elongate the legs. If I did both, I'd look gigantic!

Time to go nap...

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Anna said...

you can borrow my nude-colored high heels and we'll test it out at work.