October 11, 2010

Rough road

Good day/Bad day?: Bad

The weekend was ups & downs. Saturday was pretty good, and we enjoyed having Monika & Andy around and having the gang over for a fire. Sunday started out well, but then I was playing with Olive in the afternoon and I suddenly had to fight to keep my eyes open. Luckily Ben got home shortly thereafter, and Julie came to help out in the PM. I napped for a couple of hours and it didn't help. Having the same thing today.

I knew what "bone tired" was--I remember what it felt like when I was first pregnant and thought that was the most tired I would ever feel. Now it's different--I'll call it "blood tired", since that's where the chemicals are circulating. It really is insidious, and I hope it's better tomorrow, 'cause this sucks! And I'm more nauseous on top of it.

To make this not all whining, all the time, I'll say that Olive was thissss close to standing up alone and walking today. She really is showing that she wants to today, more than ever before. I predict by the end of the week. And she's found that she likes to rub her head on Punkin's back--very weird, but kinda cute.


Sue said...

hang in Jenny


Jen said...

Thanks for the links, Sue. I like the Melissa Etheridge article, and there's a link at the end to an article about Triple Negative Cancer, which is my type, that was interesting. I couldn't listen to the whole song yet because I didn't feel like crying at work today...