October 5, 2010

Business as usual

Good day/Bad day? Good

(Except Olive was really cranky in the evening...after being up at 4AM and not getting back to sleep for 45 min. Ugh. Then for some reason I couldn't get to sleep again--which is not ever my issue.) Cross your fingers for a full night's sleep!

Feeling better with the cold thing except one nostril alternates between plugged and runny. I am no advocate of antibiotics for every symptom, but I take them 2 days a week as part of this clinical trial. Apparently there is a slight risk with this regimen of PCP pneumonia, the same type that takes advantage of immunocompromised HIV patients. Don't you love this stuff? So the abx are meant to prevent it. So I'll take them.

After my rhetorical questions about baldness yesterday, I've decided to largely go bald at work. I have a hat or 2 on hand. So far all feedback has been positive, though I don't know if anyone would direct the negative to me.

BTW, I don't think I ever told you, but Olive's going up the whole flight of stairs. Easily. She has been for a while, and now she's getting fast!

1 comment:

viktorcello said...

I honestly do think you wear the bald just fine. So I don't think people are lying to you!

And Ethan is racing up the stairs all the time now, too. Oy. Lots of blockades to keep him away when we don't want him practicing that skill. Saying, "Ethan, stop," is just not cutting it!

Is Olive walking yet? That's going to be the next big thing, right!? Ethan is NOT, thankfully!