October 4, 2010

Down & Out

Good day/Bad day?: yesterday was bad. Today?

Sat went along pretty well as Saturdays go, and I felt well enough to be a bowling spectator for a little while that night. Thanks to Kathy for all the help!

Yesterday I started coming down with some sort of upper respiratory thing and was tired and icky. Gotta call in to the MD today and make sure I don't need to do anything else, because I've got swollen nodes, too. But no fever. But I did have a good breakfast out with Val before I felt like crap. Wish me luck.


Anna said...

Oh, you're missing a thrilling Monday morning at the office!

No, not really. The worst part? You're not here!

Sending good vibes your way!

Nancy said...

Jen- Not sure if you remember me, I was at Hospice in HR and then other places until 2009. I went through BC (chemo and rad) in 2006. I hope that all goes well for you and that if you need anything you have folks to ask!!!! If you need an ear please let me know! I am on FB and easy to find.

Best wishes!!!
Nancy Speir