October 27, 2010

Continuing down the road

Good day/Bad day?: Tues was good overall

Took the day off yesterday, am still in my "rebuilding" phase, and am not sure what I'll do today. But yesterday was good--I voted (didn't want to take for granted that I'll be out in the general population on Nov 2!), so we'll see what comes of that. I did my duty. Then ran a couple of errands and Ben called to meet for Mediterranean lunch--it felt like a date! Then came home and napped.

For some reason I'm waking up with the headaches still. In the morning, after naps, etc. I'm doing okay with just the Tylenol regimen, just puzzled. I'm back to taking my daily chemo meds, and I'll be back Friday for another infusion and MD visit. My other current gripe is my surgery area--it's been very tight and achy, and holding Olive is hard again. Trying to gently stretch it out...

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