August 7, 2011

Car rides

Fairly normal week, which is to say busy but good. Let's see, updates? Olive had a pre-cast-change appt and things are a go for this coming Thursday. The MD said this next cast will be above the knee on both sides and a little shorter in the torso, too. He said a lot of kids are able to stand and figure out walking in this version--we'll see. It'll just be about an hour to do the change itself, with additional time to put her under so she doesn't wiggle and have her come out of the anesthesia. Shouldn't be a bad day, and she'll be back at it on Friday.

She's gotten some early birthday celebrating under her belt already, with some more to come. Thanks, everyone, for really good, engaging presents for a kid who's immobile--some really good stuff!

I'm okay. still struggling with the right arm swelling and my chest has felt very sensitive and bruised lately, but that's kind of an average day for me.

We went to Milwaukee for the weekend for a variety of reasons (b-days, motorcycle rally, babysitting/extra hands, quality family time, nostalgia time). The ride there was just me and Olive and we got stuck around Oconomowoc for about 30 min of extra slightly-cranky time. But I got her jamming out to the right music and things turned around. The way back was smooth sailing as she enjoyed some new presents and learned how to rock on her toy piano as she's dancing--very cute! It struck me part way through the ride back how different it was from many, many long car rides in the last handful of years. I can't tell you how many tearful drives I've had to & from visits as Mom and other family were sick and declining, as I processed my own diagnosis... It's nice to feel like there are more happy things to focus on at present. Not that things aren't still hard, but they're not feeling as heavy.

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