August 17, 2011

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday, Darlin'! (And Bruce, too. And Schmed--where's Schmed?)

If it's any consolation, this last year has really stacked enough wisdom for a while, so maybe you can take the next couple years off and not grow as a person, just kind of screw-off and watch a lot of tv.

Thanks, sis, for babysitting so I could surprise my hubby with a trip to the drive-in after a yummy supper. We've been talking about going for years, just have gotten maybe a little sidetracked from time to time...

I'm getting over my mood. The fall out of all this past year is just going to come in waves sometimes. Mia, you were right--it makes my want my mommy!

We've got a little possible kink in Olive-land. I think her cast might be too tight in her one hip--she's getting more and more tender with diaper changes, so we may have to take her back in for an adjustment... That's great, I was so bored.

Okay, bedtime! Goodnight.

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