July 31, 2011

Super Trooper

The day before, enjoying one last swing. None the wiser?And this is before they gave her the happy juice... She just got all silly and noodley.
Dr Elmo having his pre-surgery time out, making sure they've got the right leg...

Recovery room--you can see how far up the cast goes (covers her belly). She didn't look as bad as I had thought she might!
How she looked through most of the night in the hospital...

Doesn't care about the cast, as long as Daddy can hold her on his lap and she has Sesame stickers.

How she rolls. This stroller is her main scene, what she eats in, etc. Don't know why she looks like she has mumps.

She has another check-up this week, and then the cast change is scheduled for Aug 11th (a day after her birthday--how fun!) This week she's been a little more prone to crankiness. Me thinks the novelty has worn off...

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