August 22, 2011


Sorry--I forgot I left you hanging about Olive and the cast until a few people asked me. She's fine. Her "owies" stopped the next day and haven't really come back, so I never took her in. She's wiggling just fine. In fact, she's decided to start wiggling to the foot of the bed and is a little too close to the edge for my comfort. Time to add another pillow!

Otherwise...Had a nice but too short visit from the Davises. We'll get our lives to cooperate for our leisure one of these days! But certainly not today, either. Hectic. Looking forward to things slowing down next week, but at least I get to sneak in a few other friend visits this week (thanks to the Dittmars for dinner tonight!).

Last week I went to Borders going-out-of-business sale and wound up buying a few cancer-related books. I get sucked into it sometimes. I go through spells where I've had enough of it, and then phases where I want to learn more again, hear other people's stories. I can't help but compare myself to those others, though, and not always in the most magnanimous ways (i.e. she just had a lumpectomy and no genetic component--big deal!) Grow up, Jenny. Cancer is cancer, and it's never good.


Kathy said...

pictures of new cast...we want pictures of new cast xo

nicole anderson said...

Human nature, honey. Keep your chin up and kiss that sweet little lady of yours! Maybe the boy at your house too :)