August 11, 2011

All's well

I was going to use a cheesy pun, like "Cast of characters" or something, but I'm not feeling too clever. We're just tired here.

We made it by 6:15 (up at 4:45)--thought Olive might nod off on the ride, but she decided to be wide awake. And then we had to wait over an hour. Things went smoothly, all's looking good from the MD's perspective, and we got a big thumbs-up on our skin- and cast-care! The new cast is shorter in the legs but doesn't seem any shorter in the torso, seems more scratchy, and is red (Olive's choice). Then crankier coming out of anesthesia than last time, but she didn't get put as far under and didn't have ongoing pain meds. Then a long rest of the stay killing time to wait for a CT scan and wait for the okay to leave. We were all exhausted and hungry, ate lunch quick and took a long nap.

The rest of her evening was good--no pain associated with the new cast, getting used to moving her R leg. Much, much more kicking.

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