August 10, 2011

Birthday Girl

Happy Second Birthday, beautiful daughter!

(I think I'm far enough removed from the labor and delivery that I've forgotten the less beautiful details...)

Miss Olive, who is a "big girl", was a little bit cranky today! Overstimulated maybe--we'll get back to some more presents in the next few days in small doses, and she didn't even want a second cupcake. A big thank you to all who have sent cards and presents.

I can't even begin to bring you up to date on her development--she's had word explosions every few days. Tonight she said "suppertime" very clearly out of nowhere, talks in 3-4 word phrases, makes a whole lot of connections on her own. She's going to be major trouble to keep up with...

Short one tonight because we have to be at the hospital by 6:15 tomorrow morning. Fun! Maybe we'll post some pictures of our 2-year-old then and we'll give an update after the cast change. Should be no big deal, just a day sitting around and waiting... Goodnight!

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