October 25, 2011

Strutting our Stuff

So for those who have asked how Olive's progressing, this is last week and she's faster this week, also running back and forth through the house regularly.  I think I made the mistake of telling her she'd have more energy after a nap and now she's proving me right!  No more limp.  (She keeps stopping in the video because she likes you to say "Ready, set, go!" a lot.)

So I'm learning to walk, too.  On a runway.  In a fashion show.  Tomorrow.  One of my friends is a designer that asked me to do it, and it's for domestic abuse intervention, so here I go...  On the plus side, I had rehearsal yesterday and was told I have a good walk.  I also take it as a plus, too, that I am no longer so self-conscious that I would say no.  I've got nothing to lose!

Had other stuff in the last week or so, mostly really good.  Busy work weeks, but the weekends have been fine, had another therapy session, went to a conference with Julie about cancer and integrative medicine that inspired me to start taking steps again to clean up my act, especially when it comes to diet.  I haven't fully started yet, for those of you who saw me with dessert today--shush.

I don't know if there will be video or photo evidence of my escapade tomorrow--well, I know there will be somewhere, but I may not try to track it down.  But I may post some for you...  Time to get my beauty sleep.

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