October 17, 2011

Here and gone

Hope you all had a good weekend--we did overall, just pretty ordinary and that's just fine!  Got to sneak in some family visits with Gene & Kate, Mary & Rick, Adeline, Jeri Christine & Christopher...  Olive was still feverish from the croup through Friday and a little Saturday, but she finally started sleeping better and so did we.  Back to day care today, close to good as new but worn out and tantrummy at home.  Thanks, dear.

I will be keeping it short and sweet because I have a busy week coming up--actually 2 weeks.  Sneaking in another therapy session this week, then a local cancer conference Friday.  Overall, life is feeling pretty normal right now.  I'd better knock wood.

I do have some running video of Olive--I'm too lazy to post more tonight, so I'll save it.  'Nite.

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