October 11, 2011


So Olive's got croup.  But it's not scary bad, like we're not worried about her being able to breathe.  Ben & she had an interrupted night, as I did the night before.  And father and daughter hung out today instead of day care.  We'll cross our fingers for sleep tonight...  Oh, and I will post some fast-walking/running video very soon.

Yesterday was ovarian cancer screening for me (every 6 months), and all is well on that front.  And today was my first therapy session.  Got an excellent referral and feel like it's the right thing for me to do at the right time.  Today was spent reviewing "the story of what brought me to therapy".  I had plenty of material for an hour!  Mostly the last year, but then reviewing the cycles of change and loss we've been through for a good five-ish years.  It's a lot.  It's weird to want confirmation/validation of that, but it helps.  So now we dive into it, and I will dare to explore self-image, beliefs, marriage, family, parenthood, career, friendships--the whole shebang.  It's all these "now what?" pieces that will probably keep me going back for a long time.  And today was a reminder that if you see me about to institute a major life change in the near future, make me take a time out...

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