October 7, 2011

Cleaning House

Well, progress was made.  A lot.  It was a good day!

As a testament to why I had put off sorting through a lot of my crazy piles of stuff, there were some strange moments.  Strangest was finding the very piece of paper where I wrote down my biopsy results when I got the cancer diagnosis.  It took monumental focus at work that day to write the words "invasive ductal carcinoma" all the way through without freaking out.  My body remembers that feeling well...

Olive was very funny today and mostly very agreeable until she got tired.  Her "run" is turning into an actual run!  What else... She wanted to try my mineral water and has only had carbonation one other time, so I told her the little bubbles can feel kind of funny in your mouth, so she was calling it "silly goose water" :).  And she thoroughly enjoyed a WI fish fry (as did we), especially the cole slaw.

Good night!

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