November 5, 2011

Fashion Show

Okay, here's evidence.  It was actually a lot of fun!  (The hair and makeup stuff was slightly absurd, and some people are VERY serious about it all, but our group enjoyed it...)  Great turnout, got a lot of good exposure for my friend Natalie's awesome store, and I didn't fall down.  I was feeling pretty cool until you have to stand there and smile for a couple of minutes--then it starts to feel awkward.

Yep, we got local news time...

And here are some pics:

I have to say, though, that the last year has gone a long way in erasing a lot of self-consciousness.  After walking around for months bald, pale/green, and boobless, this is a victory of some sort.  I'm hoping this is the freedom from caring what other people think that's supposed to come in your 50s and I'm just ahead of schedule...

So there you have it--my runway debut and swan song!

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