February 24, 2011

Second opinion

Good day/ Bad day?: better than the last few

Finally less pain, and less stress overall. And Olive and I had a fun, non-tantrummy night while Ben was out & about.

Today I met with a second radiation oncologist to get another opinion, more input, more numbers, etc. Teaser!--I won't actually go into all the details because I haven't had a chance to talk to Ben about them in depth yet. What I will say is that I appreciated this MD because he's been one of the first to not try and minimize the side-effects and the impact of having radiation. I'll get into that more later, too. He also offered to set up 3rd & 4th opinion appts with me outside the UW system--with breast radiation specialists in Milw & Chicago--if I was interested. Understanding of my hesitation to sign on the dotted line, if you will.

Okay, I've got an early morning tomorrow and am already up way too late. Goodnight!

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