February 1, 2011

Bye, Punkin'

Good day/Bad day?: Well, you'll get the gist below.

Today we said goodbye to our Punkin'. We decided to put her to sleep because she had severe arthritis in her spine-it was fusing together and putting pressure on her spinal cord. She was losing control of her back legs and was having pain.

She was 10 years old. We adopted her in Albuquerque when she was around 6 mos old, so she's been a part of the family since before we got married (she even came on our honeymoon with us, but that's a long story).

For those of you that knew her, some loved her and some tolerated her! She was very excited to see you, I'm sure, and took a while to settle down. Sometimes a sassafras. Shed like the dickens. But still a good dog with a lot of personality.

Since we adopted her without a birthday, we made Halloween her designated birthday (it was about the right time frame, and with a name like Punkin'...). Every year I made her wear this hat and tolerate a picture, and then she could tear apart a new toy.

Super-mad frisbee skills!

Here she and Ben are being serious or something.

Here they are not.

Here she is tolerating Olive. She was very, very good with her and never was anything but nice (though there was the occasional excited tail whap that was a little startling).

She could build a foot-pile like nobody's business (though this isn't really an example). Her feet smelled like corn chips when they got warm.

Goodnight, Punky. We love you and will miss you!


julie said...

full of sighs for my dear, dear buddy today. any mention of anything remotely pet-related makes me teary. oh, i will miss her...
(does one require an umlaut to write nuni? (nooni?))

Sue said...

bye punkin'

Anonymous said...

A beautiful tribute to your faithful friend.

Elevation said...

oh, punky.. we'll remember her slobber, butt sniffing, and high jump attempts fondly.. xoxo to you erdmans.. holli

ee said...

Love the pics. So sad for you both. It's hard to lose a pet.