February 21, 2011

Mission un-accomplished

Good day/Bad day?: Eh

The weekend was not so hot, esp Sunday with more pain than I think I've had all along. Today there was some lingering, esp low back pain, so I stayed home today. I did one productive thing today--organize the linen closet! And I napped, which I consider to be productive.

Then Ben & I tried to go downtown and take part in all the action, but we were waiting at the Terrace with Olive for the music to start, and both Olive & Ben decided they didn't want to wait around. Oh well, we're there in spirit.

Don't know what's going on, but I'm just feeling kind of sad and don't know what to do with it. Probably didn't help that I was doing some reading, and I'm seeing a reminder multiple places that it'll likely take me as long to recover from treatment as it did to receive it. Another 6 months? I don't know that I can go along with that.


Sue said...

Hi Jenny - this is so tough and unfair for you. I know you read a lot so maybe you've heard of Adele Davidson - don't know if this is a good book or not, but if you haven't seen it, maybe it's worth a look ...


would cheesy spinach lasaagne be any help?

Anna said...

One day in the future it will come over you. You will instantly recognize that you're starting to feel better. This won't happen right away because the chemo is still working its "magic", but you will feel as if the sun is shining on your soul again.

I am sorry that feeling has a ways to come yet. But maybe it will make you feel better to know that it is coming.

Jen said...

Sue--someone talked about that book but I haven't investigated yet. I should. And yes, cheesy spinach lasagna would always help!

Anna--thank you. That sun shine will feel lovely. I appreciate that vision...and I will tell you when that day comes!