July 25, 2011

Back to reality

Lovely weekend--I won't inventory it, but I'm happy to recommend where we stayed, where we ate, etc., if anyone else is going to Sheboygan. It's a nice town, not too touristy. Enjoyed time at Kohler Andre park walking around yesterday--I was hoping to swim, but forgot how dang cold Lake Michgan is! Still lovely. Only downside? Was not able to enjoy the whirlpool tub really because my arm was still very swollen and getting worse. But oh well.

I'm a little shaken today. One of my big supporters throughout my treatment was just diagnosed with cancer and will have one intensive month of chemo. I wish I felt like some sort of elder stateswoman of cancer, full of wisdom and all the tricks you need to make it through. Sucky.

Happy birthday, bro! Hope you've finally forgiven me for stealing your birthday thunder...

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