December 9, 2010

No Sweat

Good day/Bad day?: not the worst, not the best

Everything went smoothly with the port out/PICC in procedure. Lucky that Bruce had his fancy laptop to occupy him, and I was out at 1PM feeling pretty okay. But boy, does my arm hurt! It's pretty swollen, too. I'll be limited in Olive lifting for a little bit here until the inflammation goes down. The one other thing more high-maintenance about the PICC that I forgot to mention--I have to cover it with plastic wrap when I shower. A little annoying, but better than losing my veins!

Tomorrow, round 1 (of 6) of the Taxol. It'll be a longer infusion than my previous ones. Then I'll go into the clinic the day after each treatment to get a WBC-stimulating shot. That'll take me to mid-Feb. Not too far off now, but I still have to get through the holidays and have no idea what that will look like. At least I finally bought Olive some presents today...

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