December 27, 2010


Good day/Bad day?: a little blah

So a little mixup in Erdmania left us scrambling a little this am--we had thought the window people were coming today and had made all the arrangements,'s tomorrow. I will say no more except we'll figure it out and be covered--thanks to Kathy, Adeline & Mia!

This dang cold won't let go and actually got worse last night. (Otherwise it was a homebody Sunday hanging out and watching the Packers, until the sneezing started!) So I'm a little bit of a mess, but it's not the end of the world. Just annoying. I made today a shorter work day because I was getting nothing done and wanted to stop spreading my germs.

So, 2 nights for Olive & me over at Mia's with Ben holding down the fort. I think I'll be a little discombobulated for a couple of days. Bear with me, folks!

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Ben said... that it's the right day, it's getting cold in here!