December 4, 2010

Good stuff

Good day/Bad day?: Good!

And I actually went to work on a Friday, too! First time doing that yesterday since August, which is weird. Kathy's here helping for the weekend--let's hope she makes it out without major injury...

Snow. Every time Ben goes out of town, we get a nice snowfall, as in I have to plow. But this snow wasn't too bad, and then the sun came out. It felt good to do that kind of physical work--I was a little worried about that kind of work for my arms, but it went okay. Then we took Olive out to meet snow. They didn't get along. We'll keep working at the relationship.

And then...I went out! What? You? Yes, me! It's seriously been forever since I've been out "on the town". Went out with my ladies to the Dane and then Nostrano--mmmmm. Thanks a bunch, Mia & Erica. It was good to just go out like I should. Good to have a good weekend.

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