December 8, 2010

Early to bed

Good day/Bad day?: Good

Had a pretty good work day, then had a craniosacral therapy appt in the evening--wow, did she do a great job opening up my chest tightness. Ever since surgery, it's felt like I've had a giant elastic band around me. Big difference! And relaxing.

Then Ben & I went out for dinner, thanks to grandpa (Bruce) babysitting. That's right, solo grandpa time! Seems he did fine--she was out cold by the time we got home. He's been kind enough to agree to take me for my procedure tomorrow so Ben wouldn't have to take off work. Got to be at the hospital by 7AM again and I should be done by noon, then home to recover from the sedation. I'm wondering how gruesome my arm's going to look for a while after they yank it out...Just hope it heals well. Then I'll be all set for chemo Friday with the new drug (Taxol), and I'm meeting a different oncologist who's covering for my regular one. I've actually heard really good things about this one from my colleagues, so I'll see if he lives up to the hype!

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mia said...

Best of luck tomorrow with the "out with the port and in with the picc".

If I haven't thanked you lately for your continued updates here, I've been remiss. I appreciate you sharing the good, the bad and the Ben. (just kidding Ben!) Y'all are the best! A smooch to Olive, I haven't seen her in forever...