September 11, 2011

The Long Goodnight

I'm pretty pooped after this weekend.  Yesterday was a bust: felt dizzy and weird most of the day, side effects from the shingles med--was a lot like chemo days.  Today was just busy, busy, esp trying to entertain our little angel. 

So it's 10:30 and she's still awake.  We decided 2 nights ago to get rid of all her pacifiers, go cold turkey.  Some mysterious stranger came into the house and cut the ends off all of them so they didn't work, and then Olive threw them in the garbage.  First night, not so bad.  Last night, a little worse, finally settled in at about 10pm.  And tonight she's going strong!  Had her almost there a couple of times, but she also had a rough/pokey spot on her cast that she wasn't talking about, just continuing to change position and move all her pillows around.  Fixed that with lots of tape, but that's not helping the wound-up one.  There's no way this is going to end well...

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Kathy said...

Sorry you're having to go through this with removing the pacifier, but, stay strong...I could really see a difference with tongue thrusting increasing after we let her have the pacifier more often after the surgery and decreasing when she went back to day care and had the pacifier far less. Her teeth, bite and less orthodontic pain will thank you later. Inspired story about the stranger and lovely to have her participate in the journey to the garbage. Love and thinking about the future are hard--proud of you both for being up to the task.