September 14, 2011

Drama Queen

I'm worried I'm going to be accused of being a drama queen.  In fact, it may have already happened a few times by those that shall remain unnamed ;)... So what is it now, Jenny?  Well, in addition to the side effects I described for Saturday, my shingles medication has provoked an allergic reaction.  I have a delightfully itchy rash all around my right thumb and wrist, and then my left hand started in.  Just in time for travel!

I'm taking a little time-out to go to a conference in Pittsburgh.  I leave tomorrow and come back Sunday morning.  Excited!  Luck to Ben in continuing to work on the bedtime routine with Miss Chief.

Speaking of, last night was progress!  Only 17 minutes of crying until she was out (not that we're counting...), and no wake-ups.  Pretty good in my book.  AND, only 6 more days until the cast is off!  Beware what you wish for, though.  If Ben would get on it, he has an awesome video of her pulling herself up to stand and walking along the bed in her cast (and chatting, lots of chatting)...

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Joiner of Fine Furniture said...

Who called Jenny a drama queen? I'll sock them in the eye!