September 22, 2011

Big Girl

So I forgot to tell you how TALL Olive is without the cast now.  It's weird how big she suddenly got! 

She is trucking along, still slowly getting her legs back, crawling, cruising along furniture, and using push toys to walk, still not doing it without hanging on.  She gets really worn out by the end of the day--not just meltdown city, but her legs get tired and wobbly.  They have her wearing a brace for bedtime that puts her in a similar position as the cast, will have that at least until her follow-up in 6 weeks.  She didn't last long the first night but slept through the night last night.

But she is a huge fan of baths now.  AND, she pooped on her potty today!  Yay!!!!!  We've been talking it up while she was in the cast as one of the big girl things she can do with the cast off, and she actually sat on it a few times with the cast on... 

The rest of us?  Well, it's been another series of adjustments, new morning and bedtime routines, etc.  At least I don't have to wake up for a diaper change at 3am anymore.  We're still getting our bearings.  I'm still off schedule and beat from the weekend travel and lack of sleep, and my arm swelling got a little worse with the air travel (it does that...).  Oh, if I didn't make it clear, my shingles cleared up very quickly--if I hadn't gone in to the MD that day, there might not have been enough to see the next day.  That's a very good thing (that it was small and short-lived).

I've had a lot of thoughts swimming in my head lately about being a longer term survivor, the life-long impact of the cancer and treatment, and also where I'm at in life in general.  A lot of thoughts, but too tired to get them out and coherent yet.  As I start to think about this year+, this blog, I think it may be time to wrap it up soon.  Or go monthly or something.  But I do want to pull some of these thoughts together to bookend this chapter first...

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Joiner of Fine Furniture said...

Olive, I agree with pooping on the pot. It is a good thing.